My main expertise is applying user experience (UX) to apps of all shapes and sizes with smart work and having fun while doing it.

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I'm a generalist

With a mix of leadership, engineering, and design, I deliver the best in class digital products. My formula is simple: Take the time to understand your product goals (both short and long term), get to know the user of your product, and stick through the whole journey until we get it right.

I'll do what it takes to guarantee success.

Function over looks
Don't get me wrong, your app should be beautiful and expressive but looks are subjective. Your app needs to work, it should provide value, it should be centered on the user.
It's all part of the plan
I'm an expert in digital product strategy. Whether I'm just helping to get the product off the ground, or in it for the long haul, I can draw up a plan for success.
Good design
Mobile and web apps are my passion and they are built by great teams. I follow good design principles and I expect from my peers to strive for the same. I love tackling interesting problems in new and interesting ways.
Good Technology
Despite I believe the best way to deliver a product is to go native, I recommend Flutter, Go, and Javascript to make apps. I don't just do front-ends, I like to design back-ends too. I'm here to help you out.
I will deliver
Being agile/lean gets real, actionable information in your hands as quickly as possible. Effective deliverables would help us react sooner, make legitimate choices, and continue moving forward.
Technology I use
Jira   Trello   MS Project   Slack   MS Teams   Miro   Notion   Balsamiq   Sketch   Figma   Invision   Zeplin   Flutter   Go   Node.js   Javascript
I was the UX lead for the consumer mobile app at CVS Health. After a year of working on the project, downloads were increased by two million, and gained thirty-three positions in the app store ranking.
Built from scratch and involved in every aspect of the UX process, a project that helps cancer patients with a simple goal: Avoid being asked by their doctors how they feel each time they have a visit.
A startup that was acquired by HP, Snapfish is one of the leaders in services for digital photography. I led the coding and deployment efforts making sure the desired UX experience was achievable.
One of the first step trackers for the Android platform was a project that was built from the ground up where I led the research and usability testing efforts to guarantee the usability of the product.
An LA startup for moving services where I led the design thinking sessions, interaction design, visual design, coding, and testing efforts of the mobile and desktop experiences.
A platform that helps Latin Americans to host visitors who don't speak the language. I led the design thinking sessions and information architecture efforts of the responsive website.
I respect the privacy of my clients and the companies I have worked for. User Experience artifacts have (to a large degree) the DNA of what makes them special. To learn more about these projects, I'm more than happy to share more information about them with a conversation.